Why should you join BMG?

As an experienced CD collector, I can tell you that BMG Music Service is the world's greatest place to get CDs from. Here is answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: After getting the initial 12 CDs for the price of 1, they will make me buy a certain number of CDs every year, right?

A: Wrong. When BMG says "12 for the price of 1", they mean you get 11 free CDs provided that you promise to buy just 1 CD within a year. After getting these 11 free CDs and buying that 1 CD, you have fulfilled your obligation and can quit at any time.

Q: Are they going to send me CDs that I don't want every month, and charge my credit card unless I return them?

A: What will happen is, about once every three weeks, BMG will send you a mailing describing the so-called "Featured Selection" for that month. If you don't want that selection, tell them not to send it to you either by responding at the BMG website (it will take only one or two minutes) or by returning a card.

Q: How much do I have to pay for all of these 12 CDs?

A: You will have to pay shipping and handling for each of these CDs, which is around $2.6 per CD. In some states you will also have to pay the sales tax. And the one CD that you have to buy within a year is around $17. So, the whole deal will cost you around $50.

Q: Are these CDs exactly the same as those at Tower Records or Best Buy or CDnow?

A: Yes, except that the bar code usually looks different (most CDs have the words "Mfd. for BMG Direct" in the bar code). The booklets are the same, the covers are the same, and the quality of the CDs is the same. But instead of paying $17.99 per disc plus tax at a brick and mortar store, you are paying only a little over $4 per CD!

Q: How do they make money?

A: They buy licenses from CD companies (EMI, Sony, Philips, etc.), which allow them to manufacture their own CDs. So it costs BMG Music Service only one or two bucks to make each CD. When you pay ~$50 for those 12 CDs, they are still making money.

Q: If I decide to stay as a member after getting the 12 CDs, will the CDs be still as cheap?

A: Oh, definitely! When you are a member, you can get almost all of the CDs on their catalog at the sale prices. The sale prices are not the same all the time. Say, for this month, everything on the catalog is 70% off. Next month, the deal is "Buy 1 get 3 free". Then it is "Buy 1 get 2 free and get unlimited CDs at $2.99 each". And they frequently have clearance sales where each CD is only $2.99. And for every dollar you spend at BMG Music Service, you earn music points, which can be used to get even more free CDs.

Q: If I join through the link on this web site, what will YOU get?

A: I will get $5 from BMG Music Service. That's of course not much, but the 11 free CDs that you are going to get is a great deal! So, do yourself a favor and join today by clicking on the banner below!

Last Update: August 4, 2001